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Polished super flooring
Eva-Last decking
Swimming pools
Polished super flooring
HTC Platinum.
Platinum is the concept that gives the floor the best characteristics and it is the one we recommend in the first instance. It involves more grinding steps than in the other concepts. The result is an unbeatably durable floor. The method involves grinding away the concrete skin and exposing the underlying, stronger concrete, in the form of fine material, gravel and, where possible, aggregate. Due to the nature of the concrete construction, the larger aggregate may be exposed unevenly in the surface. Normally, 2 - 3 mm of the surface is ground away. The floor is ground smooth and the glossy surface makes the floor easy to clean and more resistant to tire marks from forklifts and dirt. Moreover, the light is reflected in a pleasant way. The floor is ground and polished according to a well established and tested method, using HTC's machines and HTC's diamond tools and in accordance with HTC's grinding guide.The floor receives a completely smooth and glossy surface with many good qualities, both functionally and aesthetically.
Ecological - concrete consists solely of natural
Long service life and minimal maintenance give
a low LCC cost (Life Cycle Cost)*.
Diffusion open
No diffusion-tight surface layer
Easy to clean
Improved work environment thanks to lighter and
cleaner premises
Areas of application

On old as well as newly laid concrete
Industry, workshops
Public spaces
Domestic environments